Beloved!!! Welcome in the mighty name of Jesus!!!

It is our pleasure to have you visit with us. If there is some way that we can help you please feel free to communicate with us.

At we believe in the bible. It is our intention to introduce some interesting histories from the bible which has many practical applications to our daily lives. If you need a solution to a problem whether emotional or physical, there is an answer in the bible.

Some time ago I was depressed and felt all alone. I had tried many things to resolve my circumstances but was met with limited success and in time my problems returned. The emotional pain became so great that I chose not to listen to the people who approached to help me. More years passed and at the age of 29, after going through many unnecessary difficult situations I chose to listen and pay more attention to the teachings of the bible.

At first it was difficult to understand, but every time someone explained it to me and I put it into practice things changed for me and I resolved my issues. Without realising it I had read the bible through in just a few months. I was amazed at the richness of the many different histories contained within the bible and how every one in some way healed my life.

For this reason I believe it is very important to share the words of the bible with others as it has a very real and durable effect on life.

God Bless You All

Pr. Ev. Omne Guzman

Zephaniah 3:17